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ConsultantX allows you to create grapics that mimic your process with a simple point and click interface.

Graphics in ConsultantX use the Apple Quartz graphics engine to appear smooth and fast.

Consultant trends are like a chart recorder that never runs out of paper and has infinate pens.

Trends allow you to view your process variables against time.

Using trends you will quickly identify problems in your process.

Trends can view days of data at once or with a click of a mouse zoom into just seconds of data.

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ConsultantX is a full featured SCADA application for MacOSX 10.6 and later

What is SCADA

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used in industrial, mining and civil engineering applications to control distributed systems from a master location. SCADA is a very broad umbrella that describes solutions such as monitoring a remote water pumping facility so you can see the motor amps and pump flow rate on the screen of your Mac.

With ConsultantX you can:-

* Draw mimics of your process so you can view your process in real time.

* Trend the value of a sensor and then view this data in powerful on screen trends or graphs.

* Use Applescript with ConsultantX to trigger events.

* Generate web based monitoring and reports.

* Monitor and trend (graph) the ping time to any host on your network or the internet.

* Connect to the Velleman K8055 USB experimenters board.

* Connect to industrial devices that support the Ethernet/IP protocol.

* Connect to Allen Bradley PLC's including PLC5, SLC500, ControlLogix and MicroLogix processors.

* Use the built in web server to share your monitoring graphics with anyone on any computer.

* Emmbed Quartz Composer 3D files into Consultants Graphics.

ConsultantX is a powerful industrial SCADA application, but its ease of use makes it suited to monitoring and controlling a home or backyard garden.


Consultant can display and trend the ping time to any host on the network. You could for example set up a monitoring window to display the status of all your servers, routers and switches. Trends will display the ping times against time so you can see which parts of your network are failing, and when.


The K8055 from Velleman is a small USB experimenters board. Consultant has built in support for this board so you can quickly interface to the real world with a very cost effective solution.


For industrial applications you can't go past the power and flexibility of the Allen-Bradley range of PLC's. Consultant supports PLC5, SLC500, ControlLogix and MicroLogix. It also supports the industry open protocol Ethernet/IP.


Consultant has built in support for modbus TCP. Modbus is a simple yet widely used protocol for SCADA systems. Modbus is supported by 1000's of separate vendors. Modbus TCP is the network version of Modbus that uses TCP/IP as the underlying transport mechanism which means SCADA systems can run over most networks or even the internet. Using Consultant you can combine the power of MacOSX with Modbus.

How To

Velleman K8055 How to

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You can buy 4 different licenses for ConsultantX

Consultant50 - U$S49 - Allows you to connect to 50 real world sensors. A good starting point for learning about SCADA.

Consultant150 - US$99 - Allows you to connect to 150 real world sensors.

Consultant1000 - US$399 - Allows you to connect to 1000 real world sensors.

ConsultantU - US$750 - Allows you to connect to unlimited real world sensors. When you purchase the unlimited license you will be sent a hardware dongle via courier. This dongle is required to run an unlimited version of ConsultantX.